Resources & talents

Developing the skills and employability of our 80,000 employees is a key component of our human resources policy, including taking on new responsibilities, learning a new trade, certifying a skill and personal and professional development.

Our 4 key commitments

Promoting Diversity and Equal Opportunities
Training and Developing Our Talents
Developing Cohesion and Well-Being at Work
Preserve the health and safety of our employees


Since 2004, our employability team has been working closely with our operational staff to ensure that people with disabilities have access to and remain in employment. Whatever the nature of the disability, we constantly ensure any necessary workplace accommodations and offer appropriate training.



Created in 2013, Sam'aide, a sheltered work centre approved by DIRECCTE, employs people with disabilities and provides a disability caseworker to support and supervise them. Sam'aide offers a range of services related to warehouse work, order preparation and contract work. Our philosophy is to prepare our disabled employees for work in a mainstream work environment.



In November 2015, we launched a national literacy programme in partnership with the association #stopilletrisme, and we encourage our customers to get involved as well. Offered to employees with minimal or no literacy skills, this annual course teaches them basic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic and leads to a vocational diploma. Our customers' employees volunteer to tutor, encourage and support our employees throughout their careers, thus creating a real social bond at the sites where we operate.


In order to train and cultivate our talents, we have developed, from the beginning our own internal training organisations, including:

  • - IFES, (Training Institute for Service Companies) offering courses in hygiene, cleaning and housekeeping services
  • - Sinfoni, Samsic RH's training organisation, manages training for our temporary staff from our employment agencies as well as for our employees permanent staff
  • - CFS, Samsic Sécurity’s Training Center, provides first responder certificate training for any public or private infrastructure too
  • - Innov'Formation, the Training Center dedicated to the nuclear sector
  • - HUB SAFE Training is specialized in training for professionals in the airport sector
Organismes de formation Samsic


Wishing to strengthen its commitment towards youth employability, Samsic, with the close collaboration of various apprenticeship Training Centres, has supported 94 apprentices in their preparation for the French National Education's Professional and Technological Diplomas, from vocational level to Masters level in Multi-services Management Development.

In 2017, in keeping with this commitment, Samsic Group has launched a major apprenticeship program with its dedicated structure. The number of students apprentices who choose to join us, is continuously increasing, well aware of the  development opportunities provided by the Group.



Protecting the health and safety of our staff is our priority at every level of the company, without exception.

4 fundamental values guide the actions of our health and safety policy:

  • - Excellence: everyone at all levels of the company
  • - Knowledge: verified qualifications and skills
  • - Behaviours: appropriate to the risks
  • - Lessons learned: encouraged and capitalised.

The prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, risk situations and road risk awareness are among the many actions developed in the field for our staff.