Samsic enhances and optimises workplaces and residential facilities by delivering effective and lasting solutions that integrate issues of performance, well-being at work and flexibility. We offer connected smart services that are in line with our customers’ quality and agility requirements and the new modes of collaborative and shared work.

Our 3 key commitments

Ensuring customer focus, expertise and seeking innovation
Assessing our performance with transparency
Building a sustainable partnership with our value chain


Behaviours and practices are changing, so we are rethinking our business, which means offering a more comprehensive range of services, developing digital innovations and collecting and exploiting data. We innovate and re-invent ourselves to improve our customers' experience every day.

We define an innovation strategy that anticipates change and other issues, with the objective of supporting our customers in their projects. We have developed a start-up community that creates value and protects the environment. Technological innovation is a core component of our services and we offer solutions tailored to our customers.


We leverage digital technology to improve our services and processes. Our objectives include:

  • - creating value for our customers
  • - improving our operational efficiency
  • - simplifying the working methods of our employees

The MySamsic customer portal promotes interaction with our customers, allowing us to monitor and manage our services in real time.

The InsTanT platform computerises all the business processes relating to temporary staffing, from expression of needs to billing.

Thanks to these digital tools, we are able to implement concrete corrective actions with a view to continuously improving our performance.

MySamsic Instant

responsible purchasing

Our Responsible Purchasing policy is integral to our aim to develop sustainable partnerships with all our suppliers. We constantly seek to promote our CSR values and commitments throughout the supply chain. 

In 2019, the Group's strategic suppliers will receive a new Responsible Purchasing Charter. The Charter formalizes the commitments Samsic expects in terms of respect for human rights and working standards, individual health and safety protection, environmental protection, ethics and the fight against corruption.


Our management system is based on processes that meet the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001 and MASE, the French Workplace Safety Improvement Manual.

Our organisations are managed based on a single Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management System, applicable by everyone, regardless of the scope of certification concerned.

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